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Independence Beauty Salon Golden Dour Tips

Everyone is always asking for basic hair care tips from our girls at the salon in Independence so here are a few.

Independence Missouri Salon Tips
Hair Care Tips From Salons
  1. Washing Routine: Your hair-type will determine your cleansing routine, some of you may need to shampoo daily, others every other day, others even once a week. The water you use to wash your hair should neither be too hot, or too cold. Use your fingertips, and never your nails, to gently scrub your scalp. Be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly in order to get all of the soap out and then maximize the shine.
  2. Drying: Air-dry whenever possible. Try to minimize the use of blow dryer as the strong heat tends to damage the hair, also the moisture lost makes them look rough and lifeless. Give your hair a break from that blow dryer, those curling irons and so many perms. When you are kind to your hair, it rewards you by looking and feeling better. Choose a hairstyle that will let your hair fall naturally.
  3. Combing: To begin with combing, first separate hair into small sections. Untangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb, carefully work from the ends in a downward direction only. Use only a wooden or tortoise shell comb – never rubber. Do not pull or yank hair. Brush hair only when dry. Hair is weakest when it is wet and brushing can easily damage it. Even when hair is dry always comb before brushing.
  4. Shampoo & Conditioning: Choose simple, cheap shampoos that promise only to wash away the dirty and the oil. The more complicated the formula is and the more expensive the shampoo the less it does good in your hair. Conditioners, are an invention of the cosmetic industry and if your hair is dried out and dull looking you have been abusing it. Use a milder shampoo and try washing your hair less frequently. Also, always apply conditioner from the ears down – never condition the scalp. Do not over-condition for it might cause the cuticle layer of hair to lift making hair brittle and leading to breakage. Some of today’s new line of shampoos have a special ingredient advertised as a hair thickener as well as a shampoo that will make your hair look thicker. These shampoos actually coat each strand of hair with a layer of protein each time you use it thus making the hair appear thicker. These shampoos are really very good and can have quite a beneficial effect on most women. Always Check the label on the back of the shampoo or conditioner to see what it contains before using it. Look out for urea, lactic acid and lecithin
  5. Sleep Pattern: Comb your hair before going to bed, do not let the bands or clips on. Even the way you sleep can affect your hair. Restless sleepers may actually be breaking hair as they sleep.If you’re a restless sleeper, try a satin pillowcase so that the hair glides when you move in your sleep. On regular cotton cases hair can get caught and break. Putting hair up to sleep is also helpful. Hair should be put in a ponytail on top of the head. Always use rubber bands that are rapped in cloth.

visit your hairdresser on a regular basis
Arrange a monthly or 6 weekly appointment at your hairdresser to give your hair a professional grooming. This will deal with any potential problems as well as helping to maintain the condition of your hair.

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