Hair Care Tip For Dyeing Hair At Home – Vinegar

Ever wondered how the hair color stayed on after you had your hair dyed in a salon? I used to ask my hairdresser what products he used to prevent the hair color from leaking and he always managed to sneak the answer past me.

Recently, I started buying hair dyes from stores and coloring my own hair in a bid to save money. The next day, when I washed and dried my hair, the color transferred onto my nice, new towel. New towel because these things happened to me all the time. ( When I wore new shoes, it rained. I will have blots of curry on my tops only when I was wearing white, I will be late for important meetings because the train was delayed due to a mechanical fault, etc. ) Back to new towel.... Naturally, I was really peeved. I had since stained quite a few towels.

Then one day I noticed that I always poured vinegar in on the final rinse of all my new clothes that I know have the potential to leak color. I figured if it works on clothes, it should work on hair too.

Instead of using white vinegar, I used apple cider vinegar. I poured about 8 tablespoons into a bowl and topped it up with about 400ml of water. After rinsing and shampooing, I poured the vinegar solution on my hair and left it on for a few minutes. Then washed it off with water and applied conditioner. The result was instant and magical. My towel had no stains, not even a dot.

At last, I found a solution and am happy to share it here. The amount of vinegar and water is entirely dependent upon the length of your hair. For those who are more cost conscious, white vinegar will do just fine. Using a saltwater solution will bring the same result but it is much harsher on the hair. Also with salt water, you will have to shampoo hair a second time because the salt water won't rinse off entirely and your hair will feel mucky and sticky after. The vinegar also eliminated another problem I had. A few days after I colored my hair, my scalp will flake. Dandruff - like and big, these flakes were quite a sight. I think it is a reaction with the chemicals in the hair dye. The vinegar rinse, I suspect, neutralized this.

I've been doing this ever since and I know I can safely color my hair without the risk of damaging towels in hotels whenever I traveled.

As for the brand of hair dyes, it really doesn't matter. And in my experience, the more expensive ones are not necessarily better. We all have a brand that we are partial to and might be allergic to some and not others. Either way, vinegar knows no boundaries and works every time. But be careful not to let it drip into the eyes, they sting like mad.

Here's to happy hair dyeing days. Here's to vinegar, the magical solution.

Source by Cathy K