How to Start a Hair Care Product Line

Anyone who uses hair care products knows how expensive they can be. The idea of sharing in those profits sounds pretty good and can be the beginning of a new business. But before you think about sharing profits with the "big dogs" you first have to develop your own product line.

This is not as hard as one may think. It doesn't take a chemistry degree but it does take knowledge of what hair actually consists of and what it needs to flourish. Learning about hair is a click away on the Internet. It only takes a general search to find the information you need to learn everything you need to know about hair, its makeup and how to keep it healthy looking.

You should learn what effects herbs and chemicals have on hair. For instance, lemon is great about stripping away old hair products such as hair spray and mousse. Therefore, for a deep cleansing product, you will want to add lemon for stripping the hair to its natural state. Another great stripping agent is ammonia. No, you wouldn't want to use a lot of ammonia in any hair care product, but even tiny amounts are sufficient for stripping action.

After you have learned the effects of herbs and chemicals on the hair and have designed you own hair products, you should think about marketing. Marketing a product can be as simple as offering it to friends and family then waiting for the "recommendations" to start flowing, creating clients. Marketing is an important factor in getting your product accepted by the public.

Marketing your hair care products on a budget sounds impossible but it can be done. In today's economy, every penny counts! You must have a marketing plan in order to optimize your budget. In order to do this, follow some of these tips:

· Find your target consumer. You should find customers who are easily identified and easily reached.

· Form a joint venture. This can lower your costs and enable you to enter into new markets, targeting more potential customers.

· Maximize referrals. The best form of advertising is "word-of-mouth". A happy customer always tells someone how excited they are about a new product.

· Make yourself news worthy. One mention of your company in the right media for can bring in uncounted business. For instance; participating in local events can bring news coverage for your company name.

Good marketing comes from good ideas not a big budget. If you have already designed your own hair care products, then you are capable of thinking of more ideas to get your product marketed with little costs. The hard part is over and the fun begins after the product is designed. So, sit back, relax and get your mind working in ideas that can promote your product to your target consumers. Remember this is your product, it reflects you and your abilities as an entrepreneur.

Source by Stacey Wockenfuss