Hair Care – New Boom in the Market?

Chemical hair care products are out and organic hair care products are the in thing now. Organic products are the new boom in the industry. It has caused a drop in the market of chemical based shampoos and conditioners. Natural treatments of tresses are slowly gaining popularity. Shampoos contain chemicals that strip away natural oils from the scalp and the scalp ends up producing more oils than it needs.

There has been a greater focus on the food you eat. Bad diet, hormonal imbalance, stress and age are few of the common factors which have caused lifeless tresses. Water intake helps hydrate your locks and keeps the natural PH balance intact. Usage of chemicals damages the ph balance and the structure of the follicles. Relaxers and perming agents have greater effect on the follicles, in order to avoid the damage, jojoba oil is used in the straightening creams.

Eat fresh vegetables, fruits and green leafy vegetables which have anti-oxidants that help the growth of your locks. In addition to this, exercise for 30 minutes and consumption of water will definitely help. If you have beer, do not throw the left over, leave the left over to ferment in the bottle for a few days. Next time, when you want to wash your tresses, apply fermented beer and leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash it, to see beautiful and glossy mane. Almond oil, jojoba oil when used will detoxify your scalp and promote healthy blood flow to the scalp. Allowing your hair follicles to breathe and grow!

Excess oil and dirt can be removed from your locks with the help of organic products. It does not let your tresses lose its natural shine and moisture as there is no use of harsh chemicals. Your tresses will become soft and nice with moisturizing oils and nourishing vitamins. Nutrient-rich botanicals will stimulate them to grow and will provide enough anti-oxidants for their nourishment. Be aware of what is the new boom in the industry and see if you can use it safely!

Source by Vijay K Shetty