The Crowning Glory

Hair is a big part of a person's appearance and personality, through the hair a person's personality, religion, culture and beliefs could be identified, since hair is also considered as physical and personal expressions. Hair types depends on genetic and health, hair style though is a personal preference, there are also people who prefers a certain hair style that is in fashion, that is where a beauty salon comes in. Hair cuts, hair care treatments and beauty products are available in a beauty salon.

However, hair care should not just be in a beauty salon. A person should personally take good care of his or her hair even if he or she is at home. Hair care should not be put aside, as they say the hair is our "crowning glory" so if your hair is unkempt, messy and smelly it gives out the impression that you have that kind of personality.

Washing your hair is part of hair care, scalp skin should be washed regularly because unwashed scalp skin may result to scalp disorders, and would be a breeding ground for bacteria. Hair washing is usually part of bathing, shampoo should be used to cleanse the hair thoroughly, and hair conditioner should be used as well to replace the moisture of the hair and for the protection of the strands against hair breakage.

Contrary to what the advertisement says about how a certain shampoo or conditioner hastens hair growth, hair growth happens on its own accord, shampoo or conditioner has nothing to do with it. There are many factors for a healthy hair; among these are genetics, health and nutrition. Noticed how a person's hair changes when that person is undergoing medical treatment, living a stressful life or has been recently traumatized. The hair becomes unhealthy, lifeless and hair fall increases. To make your hair healthier, your diet should be filled with food that contains fruits, vegetables, food with protein, fats in moderation is included too.

Source by Joan Castillo