What Are Your Hair Care Problems?

After having spent 35 years working and managing my salons and spas, it was very seldom that we could not resolve a hair care problem. If you have proper hair care, it should be beautiful and luxurious no matter what your age or circumstance except for the rare situations.

There is a tremendous amount of information on the internet about hair care. Some of the information is technical, some general but none of it may address your particular problem. I am here to give you, also, some general information, but please feel free to contact me if you have a specific question. Many of the common problems that men and women face come from coloring, thinning, and frizzy, dry or oily hair. There are solutions for many of these situations.

When hair is over-bleached, heavily tinted or highlighted too many times, a problem will surface. Doing your own painting or using inexperienced designers can contribute to some of the issues. Remember most of the upscale salons do have experienced designers, colorists, and a well-trained staff. Also, remember, you get what you pay for.

Over-bleaching destroys the cuticle and the cortex and can disintegrate the shaft. Blond has always been beautiful, however, when blond is lifeless, fried, orange or frizzy it is not. Do not over bleach or let anyone else over-bleach your hair. Every time you apply a product over another product to your shaft, you are over-bleaching, adding too much color or highlighting too many times.

Although, thinning is sometimes heretitary there are many products on the market to help with thinning hair. Biotin based products can help if used on a daily basis. When I started losing my hair, my doctor recommended taking zinc tablets. I still take them and once again have a fluffy, full head of hair. Talk with your doctor about eating the right foods for hair, nails, and taking biotin and zinc tablets.

Appliances used daily can dry out, burn and destroy the shaft. We always recommend not using appliances on their highest settings. Using the proper appliances and settings gives you the opportunity to have beautiful and more manageable hair.

Source by Lucrezia O'Brien