New Hair Styles – Hair Care

There is a fine line between too much and too little of any one haircare product. The modern woman with chemically treated hair should be aware of the needs of their hair. All chemical services should be followed up with the appropriate treatment to lock down the cuticle and rebuild the cortex to its original structure.

You spend time and money styling your hair, coloring, cutting, maybe even perming, so it makes sense to purchase professional products to keep your hair looking fabulous for as long as possible.

Hairdressers are well trained to determine what types of hair treatments are required to bring your hair back to a perfect balance. Hair like skin is continuously changing depending on the time of year, your health, diet and chemical processes. This is why constantly using the same hair products is not always correct.

Protein strengnthens the hair and too much protein causes the hair to become brittle. Moisture softens and creates suppleness whereas too much moisture the hair becomes limp. The hair can not hold moisture without protein. Fine hair often lacks protein and course hair generally lacks moisture.

Professional products recommended by your hairdresser deliver results, improving long term condition and extending the life of your color, perm and style.

The drying out process of the hair is essentially due to hereditary factors, physiological factors such as internal wellbeing and diet, external factors such as environmental stresses, chemical services and mechanical aggressions such as blow drying and flat irons.

There are two main sections of hair affected by the drying out process: -

The Cortex - the strength of the hair comes from the internal structure of the cortex. Professional treatment strengnthens this area giving the hair elasticity and strength.

The Cuticle is the outer covering of the hair fiber protecting the inner cortex. The cuticle is subjected to all the assaults the hair undergoes. The hair cuticle can change considering so that cuticle scales became raised and irregular - this is called sensitized hair, causing loss of shine, roughness to touch, lack of suppleness and silkiness and hair that is hard to detangle.

Professional treatments help close down the cuticle protecting the cortex, smoothing the hair down, detangling and adding shine.

Source by Terry Glass