How Can I Manage and Make Best Use of My Curls?

Most people think that managing curly hair and styling them is very difficult as compared to other hair types. People with curly hair usually crave for very straight hair and vice versa. Therefore, it depends on the perception of each individual. If you have curly hair and find it difficult to manage and style your tresses, then the best thing you can do is to go for a haircut, which suits your face type.

Before moving on to find out how to make best use of the curls, here are few things about how to manage the curls.

Managing the Curls

Curly hair develops split ends very often, so trim your hair once in every three months. Next, avoid harsh shampoos. Instead, use a shampoo developed specifically for curls. Also, do not shampoo your hair more than two times in a week. It will help to retain the moisture level and natural oil in your hair. As a result, your hair will become lustrous and shiny.

Apply a good conditioner to your hair after shampooing it and leave it on for two minutes before rinsing. Wring out extra water from the hair and drape a towel around the scalp for about two to three minutes. Next, remove the towel and separate the curls with fingers. There are special moisturizing creams available in the markets that help to manage the curls.

After washing your hair, allow them to dry naturally. If you are using a dry dryer, then it is necessary to use it properly otherwise, your hair will become dry and bushy.

To avoid such a dilemma, allow the hair to dry naturally for some time and then blow-dry them by keeping the nozzle of dryer in the direction of hair growth. This way your hair will not frizz.

If your curls are tangled, do not try to de-tangle them using a hairbrush, as it will weaken the hair roots, resulting in hair loss. To de-tangle the curls always use wide tootted comb or separate the curls using fingers. Next, apply that that helps in controlling frizz before going to bed.

Styling the Curls

If you have medium length hair and medium curls that seem to be tangled up until evening, you can apply mousse. It will hold them in place, give volume to hair and keep them lustrous all day.

Medium to short hair can be styled using headbands. This style is in fashion now and looks good on both men and women. Simply pull your back, put on the headband at the crown of head, and leave the curls backwards.

You can get the hair cut at appropriate angles to reduce the extra volume. Simply apply a good quality moisturizing cream on wet locks daily. Conditioner de-tangles your tresses and moisturizes them. You can condition your hair daily with a quality conditioner. This is an effective way to manage your curls.

If your hair has large curls, opt for a layered haircut. Frame the face with different length of layers. This haircut is suitable for both men and women.

To conclude, curls are naturally dry, so moisturize them regularly using conditioner. Use products that do not contain harsh chemicals and alcohol, because they tend to dry the hair even more.

Source by Danielle Bryce