Hair Care – Guide to Proper Hair Care

Healthy, beautiful hair is really enviable. Beautiful tresses can attract so much attention not just from men but also from women. Unfortunately, we can not always have a beautiful mane. Sometimes, it is so irritating to go to the mirror and see unruly hair. Bad hair day can really ruin your day. Just imagine having this very important meeting and when you check your appearance in the mirror you see frizzy head.

Snipping the Split-ends

The tips of your hair are turning brown. It almost looks like you have had a dye. But before you flash that smile and think you've saved money on hair color, closely examine your hair. Chances are, you have dry hair and the discoloration at the tips may already be ugly split ends.

Split ends, (or trichoptilosis), happened when the protective cuticle has been stripped away from the ends of hair fibers. This hair problem commonly develops on dry, brittle hair and is caused by excessive dyeing and voracious brushing. All these traumatize the hair.

But fret not! Nothing is impossible with proper hair care You can easily get rid if those nasty split ends. And you absolutely do not have to spend. In fact, you can do it by yourself.

Simply make sections in your hair. Carefully twist the sections in a gentle downward motion. As you reach the tips of your hair, you will see the split ends stick out. Carefully cut into the twist with sharp scissors. But do not cut right through. Make sure you cut into the thickness to remove the split ends and give the hair a natural layered effect.

Stressed Tress

The key to keeping your hair strong and healthy is to brush carefully. Do not use brushes to untangle wet hair after shampooing. Instead use a wide tooth comb. Also be very choosy with the brushes you use. Choose brushes that have ball tips on the end of the bristles. The ball should be molded into the tips of the bristles not glued to the bristle tips. You can also prevent your hair from drying by giving it a break from all the cosmetic equipment. But if you really can not live without your hair dryer, then continue - but with caution. Here are tips for best hair care.

TLC for Hair

  • Choose a mild hair shampoo that you can use everyday.
  • When scrubbing your hair, use the pad of your fingers --- never your nails. You will only hurt your scalp.
  • Make sure you completely rinse the shampoo from your hair. This will maximize its shine.
  • Condition your hair after each washing. Hair conditioners make even the most damaged hair shine. This is because conditioners coat each shaft of hair to make it lie flatter and feel silkier and softer.
  • Have regular trimming sessions with your hair stylist. This will help avoid split ends as you get rid of the old and weakest part of the hair - the tips.

Easy does it

It does not have to be expensive. It does not even have to eat up a lot of your time. It takes very simple ways to achieve a beautiful hair. If you treat your hair well, it will reward your effort by looking good. And while you may not land in the covers of magazines or be offered to do shampoo commercials, at least heads will turn as your glorious hair dances in the wind.

Source by Virginia Price