Hair Care Tips For Achieving the Natural Look and Feel

Caring for your hair is an essential part of your everyday look. Proper hair care is just as important as skin care, and must be given attention on a daily basis. As with anything else, not caring for your hair can lead to a lot of problems including breakage, frizz, and even early hair loss. Although this last possibility is probably the most uncommon, it can occur when the proper steps are not taken. The following tips will help you improve your hair care techniques and get you on the road to healthier, better looking hair.

A healthy lifestyle will equate to unhealthy hair Avoid stress whenever possible, do not smoke, and exercise regularly. Healthy life habits will mean a healthy body, and your hair is certainly part of that. How you eat can also affect the health of your hair If you are conscious of eating nutritious foods, your hair stands a better chance of remaining healthy.

Get plenty of sleep. Research has shown that a lack of sleep will affect your body in many ways. Your hair can be affected by this as well. If you combine not eating nutritiously with a lack of sleep, you may find yourself losing small amounts of hair while this is not necessarily alarming, it can worsen over time. Eating a nutritiously balanced diet and getting plenty of sleep will make you feel and look better. Avoid using any hair products that contain alcohol, as they only dry out your hairsprays are among the most common, and often contain alcohol. Instead, find products that are alcohol free and, therefore, less damaging.

Do not put hair care products directly on your scalp, as this will clog the pores. Instead, place the products in your hair and distribute them as needed.

If you go swimming, it is a good idea to wet your hair using water that is not chlorinated before entering water that is. This will enable your hair to soak up the initial water instead of the chlorine. Consider wearing a cap to protect your hair from the chlorine. If you prefer not to wear one, be sure to shampoo and use a condition right after getting out of the pool. This will remove any traces of chlorine and wont 'allow it to set in and damage your hair.

When blowing drying, be sure to use the cooler air setting instead of the hot. The heat can damage your hair and cause it to become frizzy or extremely dry. This, in turn, can also cause it to become brittle and break off. When using the hairdryer, do not leave it in one spot for too long, instead, keep moving it around your head at a good distance so as to prevent the use of too much hot air.

If you do not have to use a hairdryer, try towel-drying instead and let the remaining moisture dry naturally. This will allow your hair to dry on its own with no help from the harsh heat a hairdresser can provide.

Source by Walter Feldman