Hair Care – Myths and Truths

Think washing frequently does damage your hair? Or you trust repeated brushing is great for your hair? Continue reading to find out the truths and myths behind nice looking hair.

Does washing frequently damage your hair?

Washing frequently does not damage your hair. While some may need to wash it once in three days, some people may in fact need to wash it almost everyday. It's the shampoo and conditioner with strong chemicals that causes the damage. Opt for a shampoo that is safe enough for every day use. In actual fact, the right shampoo will add the needed moisture, And, rest assured you can wash it as often as you need.

Do conditioners help?

Conditioners does work wonders to moisturize your hair and possibly make it more manageable and tangle free, but it will not help you to fix split ends. Trimming is the best to fix split ends. (Trim it every four to six weeks) And, the myth that oily scalp does not need conditioner is false. It is just as late to tangles as any other hair type. So when it comes to conditioners, just use it after every wash detergent of your hair type, to keep it shining and smooth.

Is excessive brushing good for the mane?

Rough, excessive and repeated brushing can eventually lead to hair breakage and split ends. Brush it only as much as you really need to, as repeated brushing can prove quite fatal. Also, never brush you tresses when its wet as it will lead to severe breakage. Instead, use a large toothed comb.

Are hair dryers harmful?

Hair dryers dry out hair and harm the shafs when they are used very hot and too close to the mane. As far as possible avoid it. If you must, use them when your hair is moist and avoid too much of hot air from the dryer. Also, avoid excessive use of curling iron, straightening iron or hot rollers as they cause immunity damage in the long run.

Is hot water beneficial for the hair?

Never wash your hair with steaming hot water. Hot water damages your scalp by taking away the natural oil. Always use cold or lukewarm water. When you wash it massage your scalp with your fingertips. Messaging helps to stimulate the oil glands to produce better results.

Is it advisable to pull out the strands of gray hair?

This is a common myth that pulling out a strand of gray hair will cause some more to grow. The fact is that when your hair starts to turn gray, there is really nothing much you can do about it. It is natural that the roots tend to produce more gray hair no matter what you do. Here, stick to a good-quality coloring agent and have the roots colored every now and then.

Last but not the least ....

If you have to go out in the sun regularly, use products that have sunscreen. Choose mild shampoos or preferably home - made hair care products. Finally, one of the best ways to get healthy, shiny mane is to take a healthy diet. Include a lot of protein rich foods in your diet along with green vegetables and fresh fruits. Never forget to drink lots of water.

Source by Yogitha Ramamoorthy