Natural Hair Care Remedies

Most women dream about having beautiful shining hair. They use a wide variety of hair care products like shampoos, conditioners and oils to take good care of their hair. But little do they know that some of the hair care products may have harmful effects on their hair because of the presence of some chemicals in the products. It is due to the indiscriminate use of hair care products that most women today are in search of some hair care remedies to restore natural hair growth.

Similarly, some women are using some hair styling agents that can be damaging to the natural health of the hair. If they want to maintain the natural hair growth it is essential that they stop using such products and use natural hair care products derived from plants and herb extracts.

Nature has given us many herbs that are known to prevent hair loss. There are some herbs that act as natural hair growth stimulants - they improve the blood circulation in the scalp and stimulate the growth of hair follicles. They activate the dermal papilla in the hair follicles and kindle overall scalp metabolism to enhance the natural hair growth cycles.

Experimental studies show that the extracts from grape seeds increase the production of cells in the hair follicle. It has also been observed that the grape extracts affect the hair growth cycles to have more natural growth. Grape seed extracts promote healthy hair growth by defeating the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that stops the hair growth. The agents in grape seeds help in facilitating the follicles to move from telogen (resting) to the anagen (growing) phase at a faster rate.

Ginkgo biloba leaf extracts act as good tonic and one of the most used > hair care remedies. The extract helps to increase and maintain peripheral micro-capillary circulation, extremely improving or maintaining natural hair growth. The hair growth is stimulated through combined effects on proliferation and apoptosis (cell death) of the cells in the hair follicle.

Aloe vera (aloe barbadensis) is a natural hair care remedy, which can be used for treating alopecia. It contains aloenin, a potent stimulant which promotes rapid hair growth without any irritation in the scalp.

Sage (Salvia officinalis), also called 'common sage' or 'garden sage' is generally used as hair rinses or skin lotions. It is especially helpful in maintaining sheen of dark curly hair. When blended with rosemary it stimulates hair growth. The constituents that are responsible for its hair growth stimulating effects are tannins, saponins, borneol and camphor.

You can improve the general health of your hair by using natural oil as a hair care accessory. Oils such as coconut oil, rosemary, West Indian bay and chamomile are some of the natural oils that are known to help in hair growth.

Coconut oil is a triglyceride having a high affinity for hair proteins. Because of its low molecular weight and straight linear chain, it is able to penetrate the hair shaft. This hair care oil lubricates and gives a smooth feel to dry hair shafts. It also heals the structure of damaged hair and protects it from harmful UVA radiation.

Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis) is a medicinal herb used for treating various hair ailments. It is also used as a natural hair conditioner, especially for dark hair. It is also used as a treatment for dandruff. Rosemary oil stimulates the growth of hair. The main constituent of this hair care oil is caffeineic acid and its derivative rosmarinic acid has antioxidant effects that help in providing shine to hair.

Lavender oil when used as a hair care accessory not only helps in treating lice and fleas in the hair, but also gives a pleasant aroma to your hair. It is also used to treat itchiness and psoriasis in the scalp. Researches have shown that lavender oil may be effective against alopecia areata and may help prevent hair loss.

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3 Important Steps For Healthy Hair in Men and Women

Hair plays an important role in any person's appearance, especially in women. One needs to take proper and intensive care of the hair in order to keep it healthy and glowing. If you fail to take proper care it can result in lackluster hair or you may suffer from other problems like dandruff or hair falling.

There are many aspects of hair care. A very important part of hair care is the diet you eat. Many people underestimate the importance of diet. Poor eating habits, deficiency of important nutrients can lead to premature greying, thinning, falling of hair or dandruff problems.

So, having a healthy diet should be the first step if you want to have beautiful, long and healthy hair. Some of the foods you need to eat are - raw vegetables, lots of fruits, lean protein, whole grains as well as omega 3 fatty acids which can be found in salmon. You should also make it a habit to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water is really important for healthy functioning of your whole body.

Below is a list of specific foods which can have positive effect on hair growth:

Apples, grapes, strawberries, fish, eggs, yogurt, nuts, beans, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli.

The next step would be to make sure you are getting adequate sleep every day. Lack of sleep can affect the chemical balance in your body. This can have a tremendous impact on your hair. You need to make sure you are getting a good night's rest. Try to maintain regular sleep schedule. It is not good to have inconsistent sleeping patterns. For this reason, try to go to bed around the same time everyday and try to wake up around the same time in the morning.

Research has shown that going to bed early at night is good for your health. So, try to retire early as you can get much better quality sleep than if you sleep late. Developing the habit of going early to bed and rising early in the day can give you a healthy mind, body and hair.

Another important tip for healthy hair is to exercise regularly. Exercise can help in improving blood circulation through the body. As blood circulation to the scalp improves, it can result in faster hair growth. You can exercise indoors or outdoors. Brisk walking, jogging, skipping, swimming, cycling are all excellent exercises. You do not need to join any gym for this. Just 20-40 minutes of exercise per day is enough but remember to do it regularly, either daily or at least 3 times per week.

This article mentioned 3 important steps for having healthy hair and for promoting faster hair growth. The first step is to have a balanced diet rich in nutrients. Second step is to get adequate sleep and also improve sleep quality by maintaining regular schedule and going to sleep early. Third step is to exercise regularly at least 3-4 times per week. Follow these 3 important steps for a few weeks and notice the difference it can make to the quality of your hair.

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The Crowning Glory

Hair is a big part of a person's appearance and personality, through the hair a person's personality, religion, culture and beliefs could be identified, since hair is also considered as physical and personal expressions. Hair types depends on genetic and health, hair style though is a personal preference, there are also people who prefers a certain hair style that is in fashion, that is where a beauty salon comes in. Hair cuts, hair care treatments and beauty products are available in a beauty salon.

However, hair care should not just be in a beauty salon. A person should personally take good care of his or her hair even if he or she is at home. Hair care should not be put aside, as they say the hair is our "crowning glory" so if your hair is unkempt, messy and smelly it gives out the impression that you have that kind of personality.

Washing your hair is part of hair care, scalp skin should be washed regularly because unwashed scalp skin may result to scalp disorders, and would be a breeding ground for bacteria. Hair washing is usually part of bathing, shampoo should be used to cleanse the hair thoroughly, and hair conditioner should be used as well to replace the moisture of the hair and for the protection of the strands against hair breakage.

Contrary to what the advertisement says about how a certain shampoo or conditioner hastens hair growth, hair growth happens on its own accord, shampoo or conditioner has nothing to do with it. There are many factors for a healthy hair; among these are genetics, health and nutrition. Noticed how a person's hair changes when that person is undergoing medical treatment, living a stressful life or has been recently traumatized. The hair becomes unhealthy, lifeless and hair fall increases. To make your hair healthier, your diet should be filled with food that contains fruits, vegetables, food with protein, fats in moderation is included too.

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Hair Care Products For That Crowing Glory

Our hair problem ranges from oily, frizzy, dry, damaged and even having dandruff. For most of us, our hair is one thing that gives us confidence and beauty. It is considered our crowning glory and that is why we take great consideration in making hairs look shinny and well managed. But not all of us are blessed that need less attention.

Some have hairs that are too thick and some suffer from baldness. Others have too frizzy and there are also those who carry a very lifeless hair. Curly or straight, colored or not; our hair needs a gentle products which will make our hair look its best.

We should always remember that taking care of our hair need not be expensive. You will be surprised to find out so many different treatments which are just available inside your refrigerator. Home made products may seem to be a little bit tasking to make and make be a hassle to apply, but let's face it. Home made hair care products are way less costly and assures that you will not have any allergic reaction. Here are a few simple home made hair care products that will solve your problem.

A tablespoon of olive oil which is heated to be just warm and not hot is applied to the hair for 20 minutes. After which you have to rinse your hair well and apply a liberal amount of conditioner and allow it to air dry naturally. For a more shine, you can add egg to olive oil to create a hair mask. You then apply the mask to the hair then wrap it with plastic wrap and leave for 10 minutes following it with the same rinsing procedure.

For problems with dry hair, you can use ripe banana and lemon as an alternative to the hair care. Apply the mixture to the hair and leave it for half an hour to allow the mixture to sip into the hair. Vitamin E, grinded fenugreek seeds which are soaked as well as sunflower oil is the overall solution to whatever hair problems that you have.

But for some people who even spend thousands just to make their hair look great and can spend a little extra cash to avoid the tedious making of the home made hair care products. An all natural based hair care products are available in the market for more convenience. There are a lot of all natural hair care products in the market right now. There is revita for hair loss, Dandrene for dandruff problems and even NR-7 for the severe problem of baldness. These all natural based hair care products assure you an effective way to treat your hair dilemmas without leaving a whole on your pocket. You will not have to spend a fortune or even spend hours in the salon just to get the best hair care products as well as feel and look good with your hair.

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Your Hair Care Routine – Tips

Head the crown of the body, if not covered by beautiful thick hair spoils the entire look of a person. So looking after hair or hair care is as important as looking after any other part of the body. As one keeps a daily routine to clean the body, hair too should be cleaned the same way. Longer the hair more care they require. As dust and dirt sticks on hair they require more care when it comes to cleaning and it should be in one's daily routine. Hair is the crown of the body. It does not matter how beautiful you are if you neglect your hair. Like skin hair too is different type as normal, dry and oily and as the skin has different complexion, hair have different texture as straight, curly or wavy.

First of all eating healthy nutritional food rich of iron and protein is must for healthy hair. A balanced diet is good and must for the entire body. Such hair requires advanced care. One should wash hair properly with a good shampoo, which is their hair type as for dry hair a shampoo that is specially made for dry hair should be used. Wash the hair thoroughly; no traces of shampoo or conditioner should be left on the hair or scalp. Although brushing is less damaging than combining but a soft brush does not cause more damage to hair than a comb. Prolonged brushing can also harm the hair. Back combing also damages the hair. It causes knotting which is very difficult to untangle. Oil massage is very useful for the hair. It improves the blood circulation and helps the hair grow so it should be done at least once in a weak. Oil should be left on the scalp overnight and hair should be shampooed the next morning.

Coconut and olive oil are very good to use for hair massage but if one wants one can even mix them in equal proportion and use. A mixture of olive oil and castor oil is very useful for dry, falling hair. Shampoo and conditioner can be used daily if necessary, but if you feel that your hair needs an extra boost, you may also want to consider adding a hot oil treatment or hair mask to your hair care routine. Dry hair tends to be thin and rough.It is susceptible to tangles, damage, breakage and split ends. Good hair care should be started at home. With proper care and attention you can restore its vitality and glossy sheen. The primary aim is to replenish the oil and the moisture in the hair.

Here are Ten essential must-dos of great hair care.

1. Use the right haare care products for your specific hair type.

2. Get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks.

3. Use hair care products containing sunscreen.

4. Shampoo your hair only when it is dirty.

5. Turn to a professional for all of your hair care needs.

6. Use professional conditioning hair coloring systems.

7. Stick with one chemical service.

8. Add texture.

9. Choose hair color that compliments your style.

10. Use a wide-toothed comb when your hair is wet.

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What Are Your Hair Care Problems?

After having spent 35 years working and managing my salons and spas, it was very seldom that we could not resolve a hair care problem. If you have proper hair care, it should be beautiful and luxurious no matter what your age or circumstance except for the rare situations.

There is a tremendous amount of information on the internet about hair care. Some of the information is technical, some general but none of it may address your particular problem. I am here to give you, also, some general information, but please feel free to contact me if you have a specific question. Many of the common problems that men and women face come from coloring, thinning, and frizzy, dry or oily hair. There are solutions for many of these situations.

When hair is over-bleached, heavily tinted or highlighted too many times, a problem will surface. Doing your own painting or using inexperienced designers can contribute to some of the issues. Remember most of the upscale salons do have experienced designers, colorists, and a well-trained staff. Also, remember, you get what you pay for.

Over-bleaching destroys the cuticle and the cortex and can disintegrate the shaft. Blond has always been beautiful, however, when blond is lifeless, fried, orange or frizzy it is not. Do not over bleach or let anyone else over-bleach your hair. Every time you apply a product over another product to your shaft, you are over-bleaching, adding too much color or highlighting too many times.

Although, thinning is sometimes heretitary there are many products on the market to help with thinning hair. Biotin based products can help if used on a daily basis. When I started losing my hair, my doctor recommended taking zinc tablets. I still take them and once again have a fluffy, full head of hair. Talk with your doctor about eating the right foods for hair, nails, and taking biotin and zinc tablets.

Appliances used daily can dry out, burn and destroy the shaft. We always recommend not using appliances on their highest settings. Using the proper appliances and settings gives you the opportunity to have beautiful and more manageable hair.

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How to Co-Wash Natural Black Hair

If you wear your hair natural, you are probably familiar with co-washing, or washing the hair with conditioner only. Conditioner washing avoids harsh results from frequent washing with shampoos and helps to keep natural black hair soft and manageable. Co-washing can be done as often as you'd like, even several times a day (this is a plus for natural hair wearers in the hot days of summer).

Oftentimes the question of "How do I co-wash my hair?" comes up. The answer would seem simple, but there are some steps you can take to get the most benefit from this technique and do it with ease.

* First, find a conditioner that works for your hair type. Search online for keywords "hair types" and narrow your hair type down to one or two close categories. You may be a combo 3c and 4a. This will help you better understand which type of conditioner to purchase among the many available.

* Get to know your ingredients. The long, hard-to-pronunciation ingredients on the label can be overwhelming. But with familiarity, you can learn to spot which ingredients you want to keep and which you want to avoid. Ingredients like propylene glycol, cetyl alcohol and panthenol are common. Search online for ingredients lists. One such list can be found at .

* Recommended: Purchase an extended shower head / hose. Handheld shower heads with variable sprays offer the best control for rinsing the hair and are often well worth the investment.

* Rinse the hair with warm water. Avoid water that is too hot (if it actually stings your back, it's too hot). Cleansing results from the action of water plus cleanser (shampoo and / or conditioner) and agitation (hand movements through the hair). Warm water will clean hair well while hot water can be damaging. While rinsing with water, gently comb your hair with your fingers.

* Apply your conditioner. This can be done in several ways.

(1) Pour a line of conditioner into your hand (as opposed to pouring a dollop) and apply each line onto parted hair sections. Work the conditioner from the roots to the tips. Continue until all the hair is covered.

(2) Squeeze your normal amount of conditioner into a large bowl, preferably plastic. With the shower head, add water to the bowl and mix the water and conditioner well with your hands. Bend your head over the bowl. With a cup or other small container, scoop up some of the mix and pour it onto your hair. You can then lean further over into the bowl and wash your hair with your hands directly over the bowl if you'd like. This allows for even coverage, but note that the conditioner will be more dilute.

(3) Squeeze your normal amount of conditioner into a large clean spray bottle and mix with water. Shake well and spray liberally onto the hair. Again, this mixture will be more dilute than a direct application. This method is great for those who only have minutes to spare in the mornings. Make a large batch of diluted conditioner, spray your hair and rinse out after bathing.

* Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb with rounded-edge teeth. This step is optional, as there remains a debt as to while combing while wet does more damage to hair than combing while dry. It has been said that combing while wet can stretch the hair past it's longest point, thereby causing breakage. However, many who wear their hair natural report that combing while the hair is fully conditioned is the best time for them, as the hair is soft and pliable, leading to less breakage. In either case, comb hair gently by grabbing one small section at a time. Comb from the TIPS first, ensuring there are no snags then work your way to the roots. It's OK if you can not comb from root to tip in one stroke. The main idea is to ease tangles and distribute the conditioner evenly.

* Allow the conditioner to set on your hair for at least a few minutes if possible. Both steam from the shower and the conditioner itself will work on your hair during this time. Give yourself a nice salt or sugar scrub while your hair is being conditioned.

* Rinse your hair well, again with warm water. Ease your fingers through each section while the water flows through to remove any remaining conditioner.

* Optional: Apply your hair products at this step - while your hair is dripping wet. Many naturals swear by this technique and believe the best absorption is gained at this time. At the least, your product (s) can be more evenly distributed throughout your hair while it is sopping wet.

* It's time to dry. Just as with the application, there are several ways to dry your hair.

(1) Dry with a towel. Avoid rubbing your scalp and hair with a towel at all costs! Instead, simply dab and pat your hair dry, or grab sections and squeeze excess water into the towel.

(2) Shake and go. Lay your towel across the back of your shoulders (lengthwise shoulder to shoulder). Grab the bottom corners of the towel and raise it up to your head, almost over your head. Think of Batman's cape raised up as he jumps off a tall building! With the towel raised, shake your head from side to side (left to right) and left to right (like saying no), shaving excess water into the towel. This is what I call the "no touch" method. Sometimes drying the hair directly with a towel can remove the products you've just applied, even helping to separate your newly-formed coils and spirals. You want your coils to group together to avoid the frizzies. This method is perfect for the warmer months when you possibly can afford to go longer periods with damp hair.

(3) Blow dry, but with care. When blow drying, the use of a diffuser is best. A diffuser will spread the heat from your dryer more evenly and minimize potential heat damage. You can find diffusers at most beauty supply stores at a minimal cost. If you do not have a diffuser, use the low heat or cool setting and blow dry from at least six inches from the furthest part of your hair. Remember, you are not trying to get the hair bone dry - just dry enough to style and go out.

In summary, with the above methods you'll find shampooing your hair by co-washing is a great alternative to traditional shampooing which can strip your hair of much needed oils and moisture. With just a touch of practice, getting in and out of the shower with a clean head of hair will take less time than applying your makeup, and your hair will benefit very from it.

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Hair Extension Care and Maintenance

Many people prefer long hair because you can create different styles with it. Most, however, have to wait years for their hair to grow a desired length. Fortunately, today's hair extensions look and feel natural. They give women their desired hair length almost instantly.

Some extensions are pricey, so it's important to make sure they last for a long time. Following a few of these tips can help you get the most out of your hair extensions. Below are some basic guidelines to consider when taking care of your extensions:

Choosing Extensions

Find hair extensions that are longwearing, durable, and low maintenance. Make sure the hue is as close to your hair color as possible. The purpose of hair extensions is to look like an actual part of your hair -you can achieve this only by buying the right kind.

The Nightly Habit

Avoid sleeping with your hair extensions on, especially if they are only for short-term wear. Taking them off every night will keep them from knotting and tangling as you sleep. Tengles are the leading cause of damaged and irreparable hair extensions. You should make sure to prevent this from happening.

Manual Maintenance

Run your fingers through the extensions first, especially for Brazilian Remy hair extensions , to loosen the larger tangles. Use a wide-toothed comb to remove the remaining tangles. Do not use other types of combs or brushes, as they can cause your hair to frizz and worsen the tangles.

Shampooing the Hair

After a particularly long day, you should consider shampooing your extensions. Using gentle shampoo, wash the hair and lather the shampoo in pulling, single steps instead of balling it up. You should do this especially if your extensions are real, natural hair.

You can use mild cleansers instead of human shampoo for synthetic extensions. Do not wring the extensions because you can damage the shape and quality. Instead, you can wipe it dry. If your hair is still not completely dry, wrap it in a towel and let the cloth absorb the water.

Important to Remember

Make sure to wash natural extensions at least once a week. You should watch synthetic hair at least twice a week, especially if you use them daily. Avoid exposing synthetic hair to high temperatures because they will melt. Do not use products like gels and sprays on them either.


Natural hair extensions are versatile enough that you can style them just like natural hair once you clip them on. For synthetic extensions, you only need to attach it and you instantly have a new hair-do. This is the best option for people who need to look presentable but do not have time to do their hair.

Your hair is your crowning glory. Your hairstyle can say a lot about your personality, and even put your entire outfit together. You can enjoy long and versatile hair if you take good care of your extensions.

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